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Your child gets to be a movie star!

We come to you with costumes and props and lead the birthday child and their friends in making a movie!

Everyone gets to make up crazy characters and funny lines.  They act their hearts out for the camera then we plug into your TV and watch the movie.

$200 for two hour party, up to 15 kids, (not including bday child, one free DVD, $10 per child over 15)

+$30 DVDs for everyone

Free invitations & we supply all costumes & props

Lots of fun themes like Space Warrior, Diva/Pop Star, Princess, Video Game, Beach Party, Detective and more.

Special discount for Girl/Boy Scout troops. Movies can be themed to tie in with any badges/journeys your Scouts are earning.

We also have special programs for movie making at:

Day cares, school day off programs, churches, youth groups summer camps, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Call 816-561-2787 for details

Click HERE for info on our B'day Parties



Movie Making at your Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah

We will come to your event with costumes and props, making the kids all movie stars!  Everyone sees themselves on TV right then and everyone gets a DVD.

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Movie making at your day care

Make your day care even more dramatic with Movie Star Acting!  Kids dress up and make up a story on film, then rejoice to see themselves on the big screen.

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Movie making at your school or church

We can adapt the movie making workshop to incorporate any theme.  Anti-bullying, internet safety, life skills, kindness and honesty.  Whatever message you want will be the focus of their cinematic masterpiece.

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