Drama Classes

After school classes where your student can shine.

Small class sizes

Great for Ages 4-12

Equal performance time

Not all Drama classes are built the same

Do any of these things keep your kids from loving drama class?

  • They get stuck with a non-speaking part
  • They get lost in a class that’s too big
  • They have to audition and get stuck with a part they don’t want
  • They either get intimidated by the bigger kids or bored with the little kids.

We provide drama classes that give every kid a chance to shine.

We provide unique scripts that are completely customized to match the skill level of your kiddo.
No matter who they’re in class with, the part they learn will be perfect just for them.
Classes are capped at just 12-15 per class.
1 night per week for 5 weeks


Our five-week classes are designed to build confidence, and give kids a chance to build on their skills as they get ready for Show Night!

Week 1

Ice Breakers & WarmUps

We make sure kids get comfortable with each other and have fun in class. We want everyone to feel relaxed! We do warm up games to warm up our voice, body, imagination. They’ll start reading through the script out loud on the first night!

Week 2

Drama Games & Rehearsal

We’ll switch up drama games and fun improv exercises to grow their ability for “active listening.”
Rehearsals will focus on vocal projection, memorizing and reciting lines, stage blocking (ie. how to move on a stage with others).

Week 3

Rehearsal & Teamwork

Through improv games and play practice, we guide them from focusing on the individual to working as a team. They learn how to best entertain an audience with the crazy characters they have created inside of a creative and expressive group.  We help them use their imaginations to wow the crowd!

Week 4

Dress Rehearsal

Kids get to dig deeper into their roles by adding costumes, props and sets! All costumes are provided by the studio at no extra charge.

Week 5

Show Night!

Bring family and friends along to watch your actor shine! The students get to perform with fun costumes, great sets and under professional stage lights.  No tickets needed for our free shows.  Bring all the friends and family, and celebrate your kiddo!

“The Audience has to see it, hear it, and understand it – in order to enjoy it!”

We have spent 25 years teaching students the basics of acting, so they can bloom into confident performers, on and off the stage.

Your student should have plenty of attention in their drama class.

When you have a student who’s bursting at the seams with energy and drama, you want them to be able to blossom in a theater class where they can grow. Acting classes are a great solution, but it can be so hard to find one where your child actually gets the individual attention they deserve.

If they get to be in a show, but they’re always in the back row, does it really add any value? At Theatre of the Imagination, we know how it feels to be stuck in the back as “Tree Number 3”.


(“Tree Number 3” was Mr Miles’ first role when he was seven years old!)

We believe every acting student should have the chance to shine in a role that’s made perfectly for them, and helps them use their skills at exactly the right pace. That’s why during our 25 years of teaching, we’ve always focused on getting to know our students, their comfort zones, and creating custom roles for them that help them show off their skills on stage. This helps them gain the confidence they need to keep growing, on and off the stage.

So, sign up online now to get your kid tapped into something that will make them feel amazing.

How it Works

1. Sign up for classes online

Choose the times and age range that work for your family.

2. Call us if you’re new, we love to learn about your kiddo

We customize parts for every student, so we love learning as much as possible about your student. If this is your first class, call us to ask questions and tell us about your kiddo!

3. See your child begin to shine and grow confident!

They’ll have fun, meet friends, and start to get comfortable in their own skin. We love bringing out the best of them, on and off the stage!


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