Choose the perfect host for your next special event.

After DJ’ing for 15 years, it’s our passion to use the stage to make an audience come alive, so you can host an event with confidence.

Plan an awesome event

Get rave reviews from all the people

Give your guests a night they’ll remember

Host your next event with confidence

When the success of an event is in your hands, book a seasoned host to be on stage for the most important role of the night. We partner with clients to host amazing events and make them look like the rock star event planners they are.

Pulling off a great event can be intimidating. We’ve been there.

We’ve been working with audiences in Kansas City and Overland Park for 25 years, providing a large variety of event services including DJ, Photobooth, Trivia Nights & MC/Auctioneer. Being on stage and working up a crowd is one of our specialties, and we love bring an event to life. Our clients love it too because they don’t have to be on stage and they get to bask in the glory of a well executed event!

We do private events for families and for trusted organizations, including:

We provide DJ, Photobooth, Trivia Night and MC/Auctioneer Services for all of life’s big events for kids and adults

Special Event DJ & Photo booth

When you need someone to manage large crowds and keep the event happy and fun, we make your event come alive! 

  • Daddy Daughter Dances
  • School Carnivals
  • Weddings
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s
  • BBQ Competitions
  • Festivals
  • Street Fairs
  • Holiday Parties

Kids Birthday Parties

When you’re trying to host the birthday of the year, we can control a room full of kids and make the most memorable night ever. Great for ages 4+

  • Movie Making Birthday Parties: Kids get to act in and film their own movie on site! Watch together at the end after a quick edit break.
  • DJ Dance Parties: We follow what the kids are listening to these days, so you don’t have to. We keep a room dancing all night with games, contests, and age appropriate music.

Fundraisers & Galas

When you have a room full of potential donors, the way to make tons of money is to keep them happy, show them a great time, and pull on their heartstrings. We help you make the most out of your room so you can serve the cause you love.

  • Auctioneering for Live & Silent Auctions
  • Golf or Corporate Awards Banquets
  • Trivia and Game Nights

Host an Acting Workshop or Assembly

If you’re a teacher or administrator who’s in charge of pulling together amazing assemblies to keep a room full of kids happy – we are here to serve.

After decades teaching – we can manage literally any size room of kids and keep them entertained, learning, and having fun. Topics and themes are provided, or we can work with you on customizing a plan for your special day

Hosting an event can be intimidating when there’s so many people to keep happy.

  • There are so many details to keep track of, being on stage is not something you want to add to your plate!
  • The host or MC can make or break the event, so you know you have to choose wisely.
  • As the planner, you’re worried it will reflect on you if the host doesn’t create a great party.

We’ve got you. Contact us now to get started.

How it works

1. Fill out an event request form.

We’ll call you to follow up and get to know what you’re looking for in your event, and what type of vibe you want with your music. Or just call us if you can’t wait another minute to get started!

2. You plan the event details, and we’ll make the party happen.

We’ll work with you to provide what you need from us on stage, whether we’re talking to kids, adults, or everyone in between. Sit back and relax!

3. Host an awesome event that you feel confident about, and wait for all the high fives to roll in!

You’ll feel awesome when you can see everyone having the best night together. Congrats on a successful event!


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