Private Coaching

Private Coaching

You are a very talented performer. Everyone says that you should be on Broadway or in the movies. But talent is not enough. You need training to get better. Every award winning actor you have ever seen, on stage, film or TV, has taken countless hours of acting classes. They have that level of acting skill because they worked one on one with professional acting coaches.

How will private online coaching help me?

You will get a personalized class, tailored to make you better. The sole is on improving your acting abilities, to help you play to your strengths and improve you weaknesses. You will get specific advice, tailored just for you. No two performers are alike. Each actor utilizes a different skill set to advance their career. You need professional, one-on-one coaching from a certified, seasoned acting coach who has taught thousands of actors, just like you.

Why should I take classes online?

The performing arts industry has already moved online. More and more auditions and interviews are now conducted over Zoom. The sooner you can adapt to acting over Zoom, the more roles you will book in the future. Your private online acting coach will help you improve these skills and assist you in landing the roles you want to play.

In what areas of acting will my private online acting coach help me?

  • You are auditioning for a play at your school or local theater group.
  • You are trying out for a college scholarship.
  • You are trying to get an agent for TV & film work.
  • You want to audition for Hollywood studios, such as Disney, Nickelodeon or Marvel.
  • You are a professional actor and you want to book more jobs.
  • You want step by step guidance on navigating the industry of professional acting.

All you need is an internet connection, a computer, and a hunger for acting!

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