Bring the drama to your camp or school with a
Theatre of the Imagination Drama Workshop!

Mr Miles will come to your location for a fun and engaging drama workshop where your kids get to be the stars. Kids get to jump up on stage, (while social distancing!), and act out skits and play drama games.

No rehearsal or pre-planning is needed, all the kids need to bring is their energy and enthusiasm.

The kids get to act, sing, dance for one another, with every child getting a chance to be a star. We combine improvisation games and wacky plays to engage their imagination, creativity and dramatic expression.


We are very concerned about safety and have adapted our shows accordingly. Mr Miles wears a mask at all times and maintains proper social distancing. We stage our shows so if your location has separate groups of kids every child can participate, while still maintaining health and safety standards.


Shows can be custom built to fit your audience. We are flexible because our world changes rapidly. We can provide assembly-style activities, get the kids dancing with a DJ Dance Party, organize games and activities and a variety of other services.

Contact Mr. Miles for hourly rates.

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