Get the drama out of your house.
Book an Acting Class in Johnson County KS

Give your child a positive creative outlet

Build confidence in your child on and off the stage

We customize every play around each group of students, so everyone always have a great part to play and no one is left out

When you have a child with a flair for the dramatic,
It can be hard to find the best place get them the drama classes they need

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

  • Your kids have built up dramatic energy and it needs to be funneled in a positive way
  • Your child wants to be on stage, but they never get chosen for a good part when they take a drama class or try out for a play

  • They’re ready to tryout for auditions at school, tv commercials, or somewhere else, and need extra guidance
  • You might be paying good money for a drama class, but you feel like your kid is lost in the back of the stage

We meet your kids where they are in their acting journey,
and work with them to gain the skills they need to grow on and off the stage.

Whether they’re just beginning, or have bigger acting goals in mind, we help them follow their dreams wherever it takes them.

Funnel their creative energy in a positive way

We help them express their creativity and nurture their dramatic side

Watch them grow their skills and build confidence

Whether they’re just starting, or ready for a leading role, we support them and help them grow

With our customized speaking parts, every kid is included

No matter their skill set, we find a way to make sure each kid has a chance to shine


We know what it feels like to play the 3rd Christmas Tree from the Left.
So we make it our mission to make sure each kid gets an equal sized part on stage.

We’ve been teaching drama classes for over 30 years, and have taught over 10,000 students.
We love watching our kids succeed, and watching them grow out of their shells.

Learn How Our Students Have Grown

Get the drama out of your house, and give your child an outlet where they can grow their confidence and their acting skills in a safe space.
Take a minute to meet Mr. Miles!

Book an Acting Class

You can book a drama class online right now,
but we’re never too busy to take a direct phone call from a parent.

Here’s how to get signed up!



Check the schedule online:

Find drama classes, camps, or local workshops that work for you and your schedule. Ask us about availability for private coaching.



Contact Mr. Miles directly if you want to learn more:

If you want to ask questions or tell us more about your child, we love hearing details that help us match their needs in class.



Sign up online for drama classes and watch them grow!:

Get ready to see them light up, while they boost their skills and confidence on stage and off!

Book an Acting Class

When you book acting classes with Mr. Miles, you get the drama out of your house!

We offer classes, private coaching, or drama camps to fit a variety of schedules!

  • Your child will be able to express themselves and start gaining confidence on and off stage.
  • Whether they are beginners or advanced, we’ll help them improve from where they are.
  • We help them get inspired and learn about the arts.
  • We work to support and nurture their dreams and creativity.

  • We can help them prepare for auditions at school, tv commercials, or for other parts.
  • They won’t have to jump in over their head or be thrown into scary parts on stage.
  • We meet them where they are and go at their own pace.
  • Every kid gets a chance to shine because of our customized speaking parts.


How are our acting classes different?

At the Theatre of the Imagination, we know that you want to be a parent who empowers their kids to express themselves and their flair for the dramatic. In order to do that, you need to find a creative outlet that helps them grow in their acting skills whether they’re just beginners or advanced.

The problem is it may be hard to find an outlet that gives them personalized attention, and is flexible enough to fit their specific skill set. We believe that every child should have equal parts on stage, no matter where they are in their acting journey. We understand what it feels like to be cast as the 3rd Christmas Tree from the left, which is why we have spent 30 years teaching and giving all kids equal opportunities to grow their confidence through acting.

Here’s how to get your child involved in our classes:

  1. Check the schedule: Find drama classes, camps, or local workshops that work for you
  2. Contact Mr. Miles: Reach out if you want to ask questions or tell us more about your child, we love hearing details that help us match their needs in class. Call Mr. Miles at 816-561-2787
  3. Sign up for classes: Watch them grow in their acting skills and boost their confidence

So, sign up for acting classes now. And in the meantime, sign up for our free Download, “Five Steps to Help Your Child Get Their First Professional Acting Job”. So you can stop worrying that you’re not giving them a creative outlet, and instead watch them learn and grow in their acting skills and confidence, on and off the stage.


Our classes are truly one of a kind in the Kansas City area. We are the only studio that writes custom parts for students regularly, to make sure they all get to have great acting roles tailored to their personalities and reading levels.

Weekly Classes

5 Classes
  • Typically a 5 week class,
  • 1x week

Drama Camps

Starting Price Per Week
  • Week of all-day classes during holiday or summer breaks

Private Coaching

Per Hour
  • Call for more details on
  • private coaching sessions

Download our free guide: "Five Steps To Help Your Child Get Their First Professional Acting Job"

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It can be hard to give your child a positive creative
outlet when they have a flair for the dramatic.

We provide acting classes where every kid has a part to play, and we help them grow whether they’re a beginner or advanced. Watch your child shine, while we grow their acting skills and their confidence, at the Theatre of the Imagination.

Book an Acting Class

Movie Making Birthday Parties

Your birthday child and their friends get to be movie stars! We come to you with costumes and lead the kids through making a real film starring them. Everyone gets to see themselves on TV that day, and they all get a copy to keep and share.


Summer Drama Camps


  • Fun and flexible summer camps
  • 8 one-week camps, each performs different shows
  • No auditions & no leads, your child is guaranteed a great part



About the Director

Theatre of the Imagination Founder and Director Miles McMahon has over 20 years of experience in teaching acting to children. “Mr Miles” and his amazing team of drama teachers always make the classes engaging, informative and fun. We write our own plays for the kids to tailor the shows so there is no lead, every student gets an equal sized role.

kids Performance
Summer Drama Camps

Enroll in Drama Classes in Kansas City

Drama doesn’t have to be a negative thing. At Theatre of the Imagination, we proudly offer drama classes for kids, helping children of all ages and skill levels learn the joy of acting and introduce a love of theater into their lives. When you enroll your child in a drama class or one of our acting classes near Kansas City, you will give your child the gift of learning how to act and explore their imagination. Our goal is to help your child improve their self-confidence and self-esteem with classes tailored to meet each student’s needs.

We Offer a Variety of Options

If you’re looking for the right drama classes for your child, you’ll find a vast array of options with us. Enroll your child in in-person or virtual classes for various age levels to ensure they get the best experience possible. We offer after-school, weekend, and school break acting classes to accommodate everyone’s schedules. Your kids will enjoy a fun experience while they sharpen their drama skills.

Enjoy Our Other Services

In addition to drama classes for kids, we also offer other services in Kansas City to ensure you have an amazing experience for your next party or important event. We are one of the top birthday party places in the city, providing your child and their friends with an experience they won’t soon forget, specially tailored to meet their preferences. We also serve as a wedding DJ and offer party DJ services to make any event as lively and fun as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and book us for acting classes, DJ services, and more.

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