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Thanks for a great summer!

We had a great time at our summer camps! Check out the highlight reel of all of the drama.

We are currently planning our in-person and online classes for the Fall. We will have after-school and weekend classes. Check back for updates.

In-Person Summer Camps

Your child gets to be dramatic in so many ways at drama camp.  They get to act in funny plays with no leads and no auditions.  They make their own movies that they get to keep and share.  Drama games, dance routines and so much more!


Look at all the fun your child can have with drama classes

Our goal is to build your child's self-esteem and self-confidence through drama. We tailor each class and each show around that particular group of students, giving everyone an equal chance to shine. We want them to express themselves in a creative and supportive atmosphere. And we want to get the drama out of your house!

A great place to make friends

Two best buddies

At our drama camps, kids get to make new friends and be dramatic together.  Here are two best buddies who met at camp.

Look at her self confidence!

Talk about dramatic!

Here is one of our long-time students sharing her love of drama.

Hollywood dreams

TV Auditions!

Over 100 of our students auditioned for Nickelodeon TV in Hollywood!

Showtime is Ashton's time

In the spotlight

Some kids are shy. Ashton is NOT shy!  See why he loves to be on the stage.

Movie Making Birthday Parties

Your birthday child and their friends get to be movie stars! We come to you with costumes and lead the kids through making a real film starring them. Everyone gets to see themselves on TV that day, and they all get a copy to keep and share.


About the Director

Theatre of the Imagination Founder and Director Miles McMahon has over 20 years of experience in teaching acting to children. “Mr Miles” and his amazing team of drama teachers always make the classes engaging, informative and fun.  We write our own plays for the kids to tailor the shows so there is no lead, every student gets an equal sized role.

kids Performance
Summer Drama Camps

Check Out All Our Performances and Talented Performers


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