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Are your camps flexible in terms of schedule?

Very much so. You can come to just the first week or the second week of a two week camp and we will pro-rate you. And your child will always be in a show that they will perform for you.

Do I have to buy a ticket for the show?

No.  Our shows have to tickets, bring as many friends and family as you'd like.  And we do the costumes for you, no extra charge.

My child wants to be a professional stage and/or film actor?  What can I do so they can be a TV star by the end of the week?

OK, we are kidding a bit with this question.  But people often ask what path should their child take if they want to pursue acting as a career.

First, your child needs to take classes. (Hey, we offer classes! What a coincidence!).

No one walks into a hospital and says "I have no experience but I want to be a Brain Surgeon today because everyone says I am good at fixing things".

But some people walk into stage and film auditions and say "I have no experience but I want to be a star today because everyone says I am really dramatic".

Acting is skill that takes time, energy and lots of hard work.  So find a place to learn that inspires and challenges your child.  We hope you will give TI a try.  Who knows?  Maybe their experience with us will help them be a movie star someday!