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My child has never tried acting, singing or dancing before and they are nervous.

So many young students have had their first experience being in a play with TI.  Our goal is to make kids feel comfortable and excited about drama.

We have no auditions, so our students never have to try out.  We have no leads in our shows, so your child does not have to worry about not getting a good part.

We design each show around each individual group of students, tailoring it to their personality and reading level.  We make sure they have enough lines to make it fun but not so many they feel overwhelmed.

And above all we make drama fun!


Why acting classes?

Acting classes will give students the opportunity to build self esteem and improve self confidence, (and it gets them off of their phones!).

Acting helps improve their memory skills, enhances their ability to communicate effectively, and provides a great outlet for their creativity and expression.

Get the drama out of your house and on a stage!

My child wants to be a professional stage, TV or film actor.  What can I do so they can be a star?

Good question.  Pursing a career in the performing arts takes training and dedication.

To begin a child needs to take acting classes. (Hey, we offer acting classes! What a coincidence!).

No one walks into a hospital and says "I have no experience with medicine but I want to be a brain surgeon today because everyone says I am good at fixing things".

But some people walk into stage and film auditions and say "I have no acting experience but I want to be a star because everyone says I am really dramatic".

Acting is skill that takes time, energy and lots of hard work.  So find drama classes that inspire and challenge your child.  We hope you will give TI a try.  Who knows?  Maybe they will be a movie star someday!

Side note: One of our students made it to Broadway!  Hudson Loverro was a Theatre of the Imagination student for many years.  His family moved to New York City and Hudson has starred in two Broadway shows, "A Bronx Tale" and "School of Rock".

He also starred in "The Who: Tommy" at Lincoln Center.  So proud of you, Hudson!