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What if my child wants to be a professional actor/actress?

Going into acting as a profession can be very challenging.  The first step is easy, though...




Any good performer needs stage time, as much as possible. The more they are on a stage, the better a performer they will be.

So take classes.  There are many great drama schools for kids in Kansas City, and Theatre of the Imagination is one of them!

We strive to give everyone an equal chance to shine.  No auditions, no leads. Just great productions and lots of drama drama fun!

How can drama classes help my child in their school work?

Great question!  Drama classes help kids in so many ways.

When they are more confident in their own voice they are more likely to raise their hand in class when they have a question.

With their improved public speaking abilities children who have taken drama classes are more comfortable standing in front of the class, giving a speech or presentation.

Drama classes improve active listening skills, so students can retain more of the information they see and hear.

A study was done on how college students did on classes they have that were not in their major.  It showed that drama majors did 20% better than other majors in those classes, because of their ability to engage their teachers in discussions about classwork.

Do you know the #1 fear adult's have?

It's not spiders.  It's not ghosts.  It's not falling into a lava pit.

It's speaking in front of an audience.

Drama is the best way for kids to gain confidence in their public speaking.  When kids perform they get comfortable talking in front of crowds.  And when they are performing funny plays and getting laughs, it makes it so much fun!

Drama teaches kids to actively listen to one another.  It helps them focus on what they are doing.  It engages their minds and inspires their creativity.

When kids perform THEY are the star.  When the crowd laughs, it is because THEY were funny.

With Theatre of the Imagination we make sure that every child gets a chance to shine.

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