Come be dramatic with our Spring Break Drama Camp, March 12-16!

Same location as our Summer Camp, 6100 W. 127th, just west of Nall.

Kids get to act, sing, dance and make movies, and they all perform on stage at the end of the session.

They work on funny plays that Director Mr Miles writes just for them.  No auditions and no leads, everyone gets a great role.

The week culminates with a big show for friends and family.  Show is free, no tickets, and we provide the costumes at no charge.

Classes run 10am-4:30pm.  $175/week

Optional Before 7:30am-9:45am, $7/day

Optional After, 4:45pm-6pm, $5/day

All Day, (before/after included) $200/week

Call to register 816-561-2787

(no online registration because we think talking to people is so  much better)


Click HERE for Spring Break 2018 Schedule

Spring Break 2-26-18

Acting, Singing, Dancing (K-2nd)

Kids play drama games and work on a fun play.  This time around it's "The Unfrozen Princesses and a Frozen Pizza Named Bob".

Some average girls have a dream, to be a princess...and be frozen!  They set off on an adventure where they meet wacky characters, crazy bad guys, and yes, a talking pizza.

(What adventure would be complete without a talking pizza?)

Filled with funny jokes and musical numbers, kids will have so much fun acting, singing and dancing their way through this silly play.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 6.55.14 PM

Acting (K-2nd)

A long, long time ago...

On a planet where everyone is really, really hungry...

Brave adventurers must journey to find the only french fry left in the galaxy...

Who is going to eat it?

Join the fun with "Space Warriors: The Last French Fry"


Space Warriors Last French Fry

Acting (3rd-8th, class is split by age)

What does a Space Warrior do when they have brought peace to the galaxy?  Have a pizza party, of course!

But dark forces are closing in...

You sense something.  Search your feelings...

You are... hungry for more pizza!

Join the fun with "Space Warriors: The Adventure Where Everyone Gets Free Pizza".

(and yes, everyone in the play gets to eat free pizza on stage)


Space Free PIzza

Acting, Singing, Dancing (3rd-8th, class is split by age)

We all have that friend that means so much to us.

That friend that is there through thick and thin.

That friend who would do anything for you.

Even eat brains!

You better come hungry because it's "My BFF Eats Brains: A Zombie Musical".


My BFF eats brains copy 2

Drama Camp 

We are located at 6100 W. 127th St., just west of Nall.

Please park in the lot and walk your child to sign in & out every day.


Map to Camp

Call to register

Yep, to register give us a call. There are no online forms to fill out.  No buttons to click.

Just call us at 816-561-2787 and you will get a person. A real person.  And we will have a conversation.

Tell us about your day.  How are things with you?  Did you buy that new houseplant yet?  Really, you did? What kind of plant?  A fern? Those are my favorite too.  Don't you just love ferns!