Trying out for a play can be nerve wracking. You want to do the best you can but you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, (but maybe you should?).
Here are 5 tips to having a great audition.

#1 Just be YOU!

Your director wants to see your personality shine through a character, so allow yourself to show a wide range of emotions. Be silly, be weird, don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Remember, when you walk on stage your director wants you to be the perfect actor to play this part. So show them the best you got.

#2 Know the play, know your character

Make sure to read the play several times before you audition. Know how your character relates to the story. Are they they hero? The wacky sidekick? Does your character learn something during the course of the play, and if so, what is that? Directors like actors who are prepared.

#3 Make strong choices

Do you think your character is mean? Then really go for mean. Is your character overjoyed? Then leap and shout and dance. Don’t be timid with your choices. Directors like actors who are willing to take risks.

#4 Ask questions

Feel free to ask the director what they think of your character. What is your character’s motivation? What is it they want? Directors appreciate actors who are curious.

#5 Relax and have fun

Whatever emotion you feel on the inside will show during your audition, so relax have a good time. Never forget it’s called a “Play”, so go in there and play! If during your audition a chair falls over, react to it as your character would react. If you miss a line, don’t worry about it. Most directors don’t care if you are word perfect, they want to see you bring your character to life.

Talk about making a strong choice! Here is the amazing Abby Jurgenson in a production of “Preschool of Rock”!