If you want to find a young person who is changing the world for the better, look no further than Ava.  Thie inspiring young woman is a winner of a scholarship from the Laura Hay Humphrey Foundation. Through their generous support, Ava was able to attend our acting classes near Overland Park and Kansas City to show everyone her dramatic talents.

Always one to help out, Ava not only makes the days brighter of her friends and family by being funny and making up crazy characters, she also likes to clean up the trash in her neighborhood “to help the animals. Thank you Laura Hay Humphrey Foundation for helping us help young people like Ava pursue their dreams.

Laura Hay Humphrey was an amazing young woman who loved the arts. From the time she was young Laura wanted to sing and dance. She grew up dancing at Ibsen Dance Studio and playing a variety of instruments including piano, violin and guitar. In high school, Laura sang with the Glee Club and was in the choir and theater. She majored in Music at Northwest Missouri State University.

After college, Laura worked at Children’s Mercy Hospital, but still made time for drama with the Gladstone Theater in the Park and teaching at Ibsen Dance Studio. She was in love with her new husband Ryan, her new house, her cats, her turtle and her frogs when both she and Ryan’s lives were cut short in an accident.
The Laura Hay Humphrey Foundation honors Laura’s memory by continuing her dedication to the arts and her community and by encouraging young people to experience the joys of the arts.

Theatre of the Imagination is proud and honored that the Laura Hay Humphrey Foundation has chosen us to sponsor. Through our acting classes near Overland Park and Kansas City, we are supporting young people in our community who mirror Laura’s passion and drive.

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