One of our students saw an ad on Youtube for one of those Casting Call Scouts where “your child can be the next, big Hollywood star!”. She contacted them and they set up a Zoom audition where she acted out a commercial script.

Of course, the Scouts where so impressed. “Wow! You are fantastic! We have to sign you now”.

They wanted make her a star. But first….

$895 for a 10 hour online acting class.

$9,995 to fly to LA, take their in-person acting and modeling classes and “get the opportunity” to meet with Hollywood agents. (The $10K does not include meals, hotel or airfare).

Note: the did not say you will meet with an agent, but you might “get the opportunity”. Apparently that means they tell you to run into every Starbucks and just shout “Hey! Is anyone in here a Hollywood agent?”.

When they declined their offer they got this message from the Scout:

“I will see to it that you and your child will never be able to apply nor audition to any of our 130 vendors/clients.”

Yep! They got that old chestnut: “You’ll never work in this town again, kid!”.

Be careful of anyone promising to make your child a star. If you ever have any questions about whether or not an audition is legitimate, feel free to give us a call at 816-561-2787. We are more than happy to check out the audition for you, free of charge! (you don’t hear that phrase in Hollywood very often).

Looking for acting classes in Overland Park? Check out Theatre of the Imagination’s drama programs. We offer online and in-person acting classes for your up and coming movie star!

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