Everyone knows kids love to eat food, but what happens when the food wants to eat the kids? Join us for our new play at our Summer Camp in Overland Park, “Entaco! We don’t taco ’bout burritos!”.

Follow the adventure of a magical family who loves to eat food! One day, strange things start happening after munching on 72 large pizzas (or what they call “a light snack”).

The donuts start complaining (they do-nut want to be eaten)

The tacos run away (talk about fast food!)

The flan gets mad (they are not pudding up with it anymore)

Check out all the fun at our Summer Camp in Overland Park, Camp 4: June 27-July 1. Register at www.Dramakc.com.

Entaco is another fun show written for our Summer Camp in Overland Park. All of the kids in the class will get an equal-sized role in the show. There are no auditions. The parts are all designed just for that group of performers in that particular drama class for kids in Overland Park. We like to make sure that everyone feels a valued part of the story when they perform a play at the Theatre of the Imagination.

We strive to write stories in our drama classes near Overland Park that spark a child’s imagination. We know that children have an endless supply of energy and creativity. We want to match that with the silly productions in our acting classes in Overland Park. We know that young performers want to get up on stage and get laughs and attention. We design our shows as ridiculous comedies with lots of action and adventure. We want every student to feel the thrill of getting laughs and applause when they get up on stage.

Since we started teaching acting classes in Overland Park, we have always written our shows. Our very first production was called “The Radish.” The story was about many farmers and their animals who had to work together to grow the largest radish in the world. The story symbolized the power of teamwork and cooperation. With various fun characters, the actors in that production all shared their voices to tell an inspiring story to the audience.

Soon after, we moved on to our second production, “King Bob’s New Clothes.” This was a retelling of the classic tale of a ruler obsessed with power that they can’t see their faults. The students thoroughly enjoyed bringing a classic fairytale to life with modern jokes and sensibilities. We had very engaging discussions with our students about the challenges of being true to oneself.

Many more plays soon followed in our drama classes for kids in Overland Park. There was “Showdown at the Mary Kay Corral,” a western about shampoo where the good guys had the best hair care products around, and the bad guys had split ends. The two groups could not get along until an unlikely hero appeared in the guise of Wayne McShane, a silent movie star. We have performed this show at many of our drama classes for kids in Overland Park over the year. The kids and audiences always seem to enjoy this silly western tale.

Another popular show we have is “Queen Zeen the Mean”. Here, a crabby queen rules her people with an iron fist, only to be taught a lesson by a magic bird. The bird shows her the error of her ways and she learns to be loving and excepting of all of her towns people.

Join us for our next fun production at the Theater of the Imagination summer camps for kids in Overland Park. You can always find silly jokes and high-energy plays in our acting classes for children. We strive to give every student an equal-sized role in a show that will bring out their talents. We want every student to shine in the spotlight equally. We feel that by giving every student a significant role in our productions, they can all build their self-confidence and improve their self-esteem through the performing arts. We can’t wait to see your student join us on stage at our summer camps for kids near Overland Park.

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