We all want to help kids feel better about themselves. We want them to be confident in their choices and themselves. Here are the five ways drama classes can empower kids.

  1. Drama classes let them know that their voice matters

Children benefit from being involved in the decisions that affect them. This happens daily when we give kids a chance to make choices. In our drama classes for kids in Overland Park, we let them create many choices. They get to pick out what role they want in a show, what silly superpowers their character has, and what costume they want to wear for their performance. When kids are invited to be in the decision-making process, they feel they have more power in their lives.

  1. Kids get to celebrate their creativity

When playing drama games in one of our acting classes for kids, our students get to come up with lots of fun ideas. In one game, they might make up the name for a new superhero with silly powers (Captain Cupcake with his Frosting of Justice!). In another game, they create their planet, designed just for their birthday party (Planet Video, Game-where you are the hero).

By celebrating their ideas and imaginations, our acting classes for kids let them feel empowered. When their suggestions receive positive feedback, they are likelier to keep creating and expressing.

  1. Helping them overcome reading challenges

Some children may have difficulty reading aloud when they are in school. They might shy away from trying to read a passage from a book out loud in class, afraid they might get something wrong.

Drama encourages kids to not only read aloud but to do so with energy and silliness. A child’s ability to take lines on a page and give them a voice is greatly improved through drama classes. We help kids get better and better with their communication skills by practicing shows in a fun and expressive way. When the work of reading out loud becomes play, kids are more likely to engage. Soon they will shine on stage, confident in their voice.

  1. Encourage them to get better, day by day

Kids need encouragement to motivate them to improve. At our summer drama camps in Overland Park, we encourage students to get better one day at a time.

If a student finds it difficult to memorize their lines, we work with them to practice their parts repeatedly. We show them that if they put in the effort, day by day, they will always get better.

Our drama campers shine in the spotlight when they get up on stage at the big performance. They share their talent and hard work with their audience of friends and family.

  1. The most fantastic audience ever!

We are always delighted at our Overland Park summer camps to have the most incredible audiences around. The seats are filled with friends and family who laugh at every joke and applaud every effort.

This continued positive support has helped thousands of our performers feel better about themselves. There is nothing like the smile on a child’s face when they get to bow to the applause from a thankful crowd.

Join our Overland Park summer camps, and see your child feel empowered!