Mr. Miles led a drama workshop at the Jewish Community Center in partnership with the PJ Library-Fall Into A Good Book program. Together with a group of about 40 kids, we played drama games, made up silly characters, and shared our love for silliness and performing.

We also talked about the book “But Perhaps Just Maybe.” This delightful story centers around two friends who, though they see the world differently, learn to come together and value their friends and family. One friend was very optimistic and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. The other friend saw all the bad things around them and always rushed to judgment.

Mr. Miles worked with the excellent staff at the PJ Library to design skits and activities that tied into the theme “judge everyone with the scale weighted in their favor.” The kids did a great job finding ways how we can all make our communities a better place.

One way the kids helped out was through a book exchange. The kids voluntarily brought in gently used books to donate. The PJ Library got those books out to local kids in need.

Exploring and sharing positive messages has always been central to our drama classes for kids. We encourage our students to listen to others actively and to treat everyone with caring and empathy. Drama can be a positive way for all of us, young and old, to share ideas on how we can improve the world.

If you would like a specially designed drama workshop feel free to reach out to us. Theatre of the Imagination always wants to bring the drama and the fun!

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