Your child loves watching “Stranger Things”, but how does an actor get cast on shows like that? First, they have to audition. To audition they need to have an agent. To have an agent they need to be good at their craft.

When they are ready they will go before a Casting Director. That is the person who works with the Director to find new talent for the show. “Stranger Things” Casting Director Carmen Cuba talks about what she is looking for in young actors.

“I am looking for kids that are real, not kids who are just looking for a job. I want that vulnerability, that openness, that inability to hide who they actually are.”

“I think that I connect the most to the people who still have that access to the freedom of being a child, of embarrassing themselves, of not being able to protect the very thing about them that makes them different from everyone else.”

Carmen likes to find new and unrepresented actors through theater schools. She even reaches out to private acting coaches for up-and-coming talent.

“No actor gets on TV or in movies just on natural ability. Like any job they have to train. The more training they have, the better chance of landing the job”.

If you are looking for an acting school near you, Theatre of the Imagination offers both group acting classes and one-on-one private coaching. Contact us at for details.

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