Theatre of the Imagination is honored to be the recipient of a scholarship fund from the Laura Hay Humphrey Foundation. Through their generous contribution, we are helping young women in the Kansas City area pursue their love of the performing arts. We have selected performers who embody Laura’s amazing spirit, her dedication to community and family, and her passion for the arts. We thank the Laura Hay Humphrey Foundation for entrusting us to help better the lives of these talented young people.

For over 20 years, Theater of the Imagination has been dedicated to helping kids pursue their love of the performing arts. At our Johnson county summer drama camps, we have had thousands of students step on the stage for their moment in the spotlight. We feel that by giving every student an equal-sized role in every show, we can help improve their self-esteem and strengthen their self-confidence.

Children need to connect with others now more than ever. In a society that is growing more and more dependent upon communication through texting, emailing, and social media, acting classes for kids are incredibly important. Our Johnson County summer drama camps help children connect with one another through improvisation games, making their own skits, and working together to produce original dramatic performances. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a young person thrill in the laughter and applause from a gracious audience.

At our acting classes near you, your child can let their dramatic side shine. They will get the chance to get on stage, dress up in fun costumes, and get a great role in a fun play. They will be center-stage, entertaining audiences with humor and energy. Our Johnson County summer drama camps are designed for every student to shine.

We started our acting classes near you in 1998, with the dream of creating a new form of drama. We saw that other drama programs are often highlighted only a few students. Traditional dramatic plays will have only a few leads. Students will then go through the process of auditioning for only a select number of parts. This left many students unsatisfied, having been relegated to smaller roles in the play.

In our Johnson county summer drama camps, we realize we could change all of that. Our Director, Miles McMahon, started writing all the plays from scratch. Every single play was designed not to have a lead. Every student got a part that was the same size as every other student. Through this approach, our acting classes near you have flourished and grown. Thousands of students have had their self-confidence and self-esteem bolstered by having fun and exciting experiences on stage. When everyone has an equal-sized role, everyone can work together to lift up one another. The goal of having a group of people tell a story to an audience can be realized in a way that brings joy to us all.

Check out our Johnson county summer drama camps. We have many different offerings for all ages. At Theater of the Imagination, we will get the drama out of your house.

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