One of our families just avoided an acting scam!

Once again, the scammers are out, looking to lure families who want to get their kids into the acting world. One of our families was recently in contact with an agency that was looking to cast their daughter in what they called “a major Hollywood production.”
The family has come to our Overland Park Summer Camps, and were now looking for commercial work. All this agency wanted was for the young woman to take some online acting classes for kids with them, and then they would make her a star.

Luckily, the family didn’t sign any contracts or pay any money. They had reservations about this agency and contacted our acting school for kids to double-check if they were legit. As you might expect, they were not.

The scam they were running was very typical. Here are the steps they took and red flags that appeared along the way.

Step 1-The family did an online search for “acting jobs for kids.”

Once you type those words into a search engine, the scammers are off to the races. They pay hefty fees to buy those keywords in search engines. Keywords like:

“How does my child get cast in a movie?”
“My daughter wants to be in a TV show.”
“Casting call for kids”

Because they buy those keywords, their websites will be near the top of your online search. They often pay $3-$5 per click, hoping to lure hopeful families.

Step 2-They got a call from a “talent scout.”

The first place they contacted responded to them within hours. They asked for a picture of the young woman and her acting experience. Then, they sent her a sample audition script to read and set up a time for an online tryout and interview.

Step 3-You are just what we are looking for!

During the audition, they told the family over and over again how talented the young woman was. They listed the many “big Hollywood projects” they had lined up. She auditioned in a Zoom with many other kids. Then they set up a separate Zoom chat room where she was told, “You’ve made it past the first two rounds; now you are in the top five finalists in the country.”

The truth is everyone makes it to their “top five finalists”. Their entire process is designed to make your child feel special. Then they ask for your money.

Step 4-Give us your cash.

The offered her a discount on their online acting classes of $200 off the normal $1,550 fee for a one-hour class, one day per week, eight weeks. They also touted how this class was taught by professional Hollywood actors who would connect their daughter with the industry. One of their responses read:

“We accept checks, bank transfers, and credit cards. If you are chosen, you will get to act with many amazing performers from your favorite movies and TV Shows!  Good luck to you!”

The family did not put money down. They called us to check out this agency. Once we did, many red flags appeared:

Red Flag #1-Bragging.

A legitimate talent agency might showcase the work of its performers. A scammer will brag. Look for blatant self-promotion like testimonials saying, “My child would never have gotten this movie with!”. They will also name-drop the TV shows your child loves, especially any hit show on Disney.

Red Flag #2-Bad grammar and spelling.

Oftentimes these scammers spend most of their time trying to rope in new clients and little time on their websites and social media. The scammer we looked at had terrible spelling errors all over their website.

Red Flag #3-Lots of glowing reviews.

If you see many five-star reviews about them on Facebook, Google My Business, or with the BBB, chances are those are fake. Some reviews will even read, “I see some negative reviews around, but ignore those. This agency is the best”.

Red Flag #4-Sign up now before it is too late.

Scammers typically include a time crunch in their sales pitch to get you to commit faster. Their main goal is to get your child so excited about their opportunities that they pressure you into spending money. Often, they will email, call, or text multiple times a day, offering new and exciting auctions that “just came in the door today.”

The harsh reality is that the acting business is very competitive. The chances of breaking into the industry through an online acting class are minimal. Hollywood producers prefer to avoid taking chances with talent. They want to cast someone who has worked before. That is why 99.99% of all acting jobs in Hollywood go to performers who are already in the business and currently signed by a Hollywood talent agent.

How do you get a Hollywood agent? First, you need to land a Hollywood acting job. How do you land a Hollywood acting job? First you need a Hollywood agent. If that sounds impossible, welcome to the wonderful world of acting!

The best route for a child to become a professional actor is the same as if they wanted to be a professional dancer, musician, or athlete. They must take classes at a local acting school for kids and work with local acting coaches. They need to spend months and years training in after school and summer acting camps to improve their skills. Anyone who tells you there is a shortcut to fame and fortune is trying to sell you something.

If you are looking for great acting classes for kids, try our acting classes for kids!  We have some fun summer drama camps for kids in Overland Park. Of all of the acting classes near you we are they one most dedicated to getting the drama out of your house.

Feel free to contact us if you’ve run into an acting scam. We will gladly check it out for you at no charge. You can call us anytime at 816-561-2787 or email We are always here to help guide your child on their acting journey.

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