KC native and former Theatre of the Imagination student Aaron Branch has hit the big time! He was just cast in a major role in Netflix’s new comedy series “Unstable,” starring next to Rob Lowe.
Aaron started acting in an after-school drama class. “My mom introduced me Theatre of the Imagination at 6, and I just became obsessed!”. He took our courses for many years, starring in lots of fun plays such as “Larry Spotter and the Chamber of Ooze” and “Sharkalanche!”.

When he got older, he auditioned for the Coterie Theatre. “I went to the library, found monologues, memorized a monologue, went to an audition at The Coterie, and I got the role. My very first audition!”

He landed a significant part in “A Star Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hole in Heaven.” Soon he was on stage in “The Music Man” at Starlight Theatre and “Oklahoma” at Theatre in the Park. As a senior at Bishop Miege, he was back at the Coterie, starring in their production of “Bud, Not Buddy.”

After graduation, he started doing comedy as a teenager, performing at Stanford and Sons. He continues to work in stand-up, eventually going to Hollywood. Now he is acting with Rob Lowe and his son, John Owen Lowe, in the workplace-comedy series “Unstable.” Its first season premieres this Friday, March 31, on Netflix.

He got great advice from Rob Lowe before shooting one of his first scenes, where he had to eat on camera. “Eating on camera is one of the hardest things you can do as an actor,” Rob Lowe told him. “He was like, ‘Just don’t eat.’ And of course, me being me, I’m gonna try to eat, and it did not work whatsoever,” Branch says. “I have a lot of fun laughs with Rob.”

Aaron went to Columbia College and got a degree in comedy writing and performance. His acting credits include guest spots on NBC’s “Kenan” And “Disney’s Magic Bake-Off.”

With an acting life that started with after-school drama classes and Overland Park summer drama camps at Theatre of the Imagination, Aaron almost ended up in the corporate world.

“But I had an epiphany, and I was like, no, I want to dive right back into writing and acting,” Branch says. “I remember thinking to myself (while working at a video production company), this is not what I want to be doing.” Soon, he was back auditioning for movies and TV, and then landed his big role.

Best of luck, Aaron. We look forward to your continued success!
(Credit to Freelance writer Rob Owen for this article)

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