We are so very proud of Taylor Phillips, a long-time student in our drama classes for kids in Overland Park, for winning an Emmy for “Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series” for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

We had the honor of teaching Taylor early in her career in after school drama classes for kids at Barstow. She also came to our Overland Park Summer Camps. Quite the amazing actress, who is now sharing her talents with the world.

Here is what Taylor said about her experience at our drama camps near Overland Park:

“Theatre of the Imagination really is where it all started for me. Mr. Miles always pushed me to be crazy and daring and fearless and was always gentle when suggesting that I didn’t need to say everyone else’s lines, even if I knew them.

He also introduced me to the idea that sometimes the most fun material to perform is the stuff you write for yourself. I do not think that I knew what an Emmy was when I played Mrs. Claus in the Upper School Music Room in 2nd grade… (in a show with a perfect running bit that Santa would just come on stage and snore) but I am forever grateful for him and TOI and share this honor and my career wholeheartedly with them.

I have many favorite Theatre of the Imagination bits but I think my fave that Mr. Miles taught me (while playing a character called Evilus Mostus) was a progressively louder evil laugh hahahHAHAHAAAAHAAAHAAAA that ends in a hacking cough. 10/10, no notes, always funny, love it forever.

Thank you Miles. Thank you Theatre of the Imagination Summer Camp camps in Overland Park. An award is nice and a huge honor, but my real joy is that I basically get to do after school theatre for my whole job. Thank you thank you thank you.”

In all of our drama classes for kids, we strive to give every student the chance to shine. This includes both through their acting as well as their writing. We want them to find their own voice, their own silly take on the world. Taylor also had a strong comedic voice, and look where it takes her!!!

Congrats Taylor, you are the best!

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