“When we were looking for acting classes in Kansas City for our two girls, we picked Theatre of the Imagination. We knew one was a theatre kid, and the other one was not. But as it turned out, they both continued to have amazing experiences at camp.

We stumbled upon Mr. Miles through friends and were impressed at his talent and care for the students. Both he and his staff genuinely want every child to feel special.

The girls were nervous the first day, but when we came to pick them up, they could not stop talking about how fun it was! The games, the silly jokes, the new friends they made. It was adorable! They were usually shy about connecting with kids outside of school, but not at this drama camp.

We have enrolled the girls repeatedly with Theatre of the Imagination for their drama classes in Kansas City. We have always had a great experience. It is something that bonds them as siblings in an exceptional way. At home, they sometimes get along and sometimes don’t, as sisters usually do. But when they are working on a show together, their relationship improves tenfold. Our living room is filled with singing, dancing, and telling jokes. We get a play at our house every night now.

What separates Theatre of the Imagination from other camps is how it builds community. We have seen kids start camp not knowing anyone, and they are all best friends very soon. All of the staff are very kind and welcoming. Everyone is supportive. There is no battling over the lead in the show (Mr. Miles gives them all the same-sized roles, that part is taken care of!).

We even had them out for their birthday party! Mr. Miles came and made a hilarious movie with the girls and their friends. They all made up their characters and were weird for several hours. Then we watched it at the end. Just loved it! If you want to find a great birthday party place in Kansas City, this is it.

If you are looking for a fun and creative place for drama classes for kids in Kansas City, you should give TI a try. We are thrilled we did!”

Love-The Guptas

We thank the Guptas for their kind words. Our drama classes for kids in Kansas City aim to give every child the best possible place to learn and grow. We want them to feel a part of a community. They deserve an environment where they can be themselves and let their voices ring out.

We had a vision when we started our summer camps in Kansas City. We knew children could thrive in a drama camp setting with no leads. If every child in a play gets an equal-sized role, they can all use their combined energies to tell the story to the audience in a much more constructive way. At other drama classes for kids in Kansas City, where they have students audition, one or two children get the major roles, and everyone else is relegated to the supporting cast. We feel there is a better way, so Mr. Miles started writing all the plays from scratch to make that a reality.

Years later, our summer camps in Kansas City are filled with laughing, joking, and silliness. We have performers on stage giving it their all. They are entertaining audiences with their talent and energy. Show after show, to see those bright, smiling faces up on stage, giving it their all, is truly inspiring. We are thankful and honored that so many families in Kansas City have chosen our drama classes for their children.

We invite you to come to check out our summer camps in Kansas City. We have many great shows lined up for this summer. We have “Drama Queen: The Musical” about pop stars who have gained incredible popularity, but there is one fan in the world who is not convinced. There is “Teenage Mutant Ninja Rock Stars” about superheroes from outer space who must battle bad guys to save the world. In our western, it is all about shampoo! The good guys have the best hair-care products around, and the bad guys have split ends and are not happy! They will stop at nothing to get better hair, so a showdown is a-brewing!!!

You can enroll for any of these summer camps in Kansas City on our website at www.Dramakc.com. You can also enroll over the phone anytime at 816-561-2787. We would love to answer your questions and help you find just the right drama program for your child. Before long, your student will be acting, singing, dancing, and putting on shows in your living room!

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