Do your child love movies? With smartphones and tablets, it is easier than ever for them to make their own. Professional grade commercials and award-winning films have been made on iPhones. If they want to become the next Hollywood director, here are some tips to help them start.

*Keep It Simple
When starting on their first movie-making project, best to begin with something easy. Suggest they make a commercial for a made-up product. In our Movie Star Acting class, the kids created something fun and silly: Big Bob’s Used Turkeys. “Don’t throw out that old turkey. Bring it down to Big Bob’s! Turn those clucks into bucks”. Keep the crew small. One camera person and one announcer. Write out a simple script and start filming.

*Lots of takes!
The great thing about shooting on digital is they can do lots of takes. They need to get familiar with all the aspects of movie-making. This includes the lights, (it’s too dark!), the sound, (I can’t hear the actors), camera angles, (all I see is the top of your head!). The best way to learn is through trial and error. Just shoot and shoot and shoot until they get it right. And with digital, if the take is not good, just delete.

*The Best Apps for editing
For editing, Apple’s iMovie is the standard. Very simple to learn and use, it lets you quickly add music and titles. Suppose they want to make a music video try the app Magisto. Also, go onto Youtube and search “Green Screen After Effects” for free special effects to add, like explosions, magic spells, and even dinosaurs!

*Ready for more
When your child wants to jump into movie-making on a more professional level, start taking classes. We offer Movie Star Acting classes near Overland Park and Kansas City. They will learn to write, direct and act in their own films. Before you know it, your burgeoning auteurs will be ready for Hollywood!

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