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JANUARY 2022 Update:

We are very close to announcing our Summer 2022 season. Check back soon for details!

Our summer camps are filled with fun and excitement for kids.  There are no auditions and no leads in our shows. We write our own plays, designed to give everyone an equal-sized part.

Kids play drama games, improvisational exercises, and rehearse shows.

They get to make up and perform their own stories and jokes.  They will learn and grow with their classmates as performers in an atmosphere that is supportive and fun.  Our classes are all about equality, giving everyone a chance to shine.

The camps will improve their skills of active listening and enhance their ability to cooperate inside a creative group setting. All students are encouraged to progress at the pace that is comfortable for them.  They will learn control over the voices and bodies, how to follow directions, how to create and understand a character, and how to perform for an audience.

They also have the option to learn high-energy song and dance routines.  All of their hard work leads up to a big performance they share with friends and family.

They also get to take part in movie-making sessions where they create their own films.  In these awesome sessions, kids get to make a new movie every day! Through improvisation, students build a new story from scratch. They learn how to create a character, how to develop a story, and how to work with others as a team to tell that tale to an audience. Students get to write jokes, perfect their comedic timing and let their creativity run free. We celebrate their boundless imaginations, leaving no limits to the tales they can create.  Everyone gets copies of their work to keep and share.

We cover all the foundations of filmmaking, from writing and acting out a script to special effects and post-production. For those students with a true passion for the art of filmmaking, we encourage them with step-by-step instructions on how to make their own films.

Theatre of the Imagination’s summer drama camps is committed to improving children’s self-esteem and self-confidence while deepening their appreciation for the performing arts.

Register online or by phone.  Any questions call us at 816-561-2787 or email drama@dramakc.com

*Note: All students and staff at camp must wear masks. We will not have live audiences, shows will be videoed and shared with families free of charge.

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