We are so proud of one of our long-time acting students, Katie Morrison. She got cast in her high school’s production of “Footloose!”.

Mr. Miles had the opportunity to work with Katie recently in our Private Acting Coaching Sessions to prepare for her audition. Katie worked so hard to memorize her lines, emotionally connect with the material, and bring her character to life. Because of her dedication and focus, Katie got the part she wanted! Congrats and break a leg, Katie. We can’t wait to see you shine in the spotlight!

Katie’s journey is a great example of what an actor must do to get a role. In our Summer Camps near Overland Park and Kansas City, Katie was always one of our hard-working students. Here are three ways Katie made the most out of her drama classes.


Katie always chose to have an upbeat attitude in our Acting Classes near Overland Park and Kansas City. Everyone has a bad day sometimes, but Katie would choose to be happy and bright. That sort of positive energy is infectious. When an actor chooses positivity over negativity, it will inspire others to do the same.

When you are preparing for an audition or rehearsing a show, always try to choose to be positive. Directors like to work with actors who will make the process enjoyable. Remember, when you take part in a play, you will spend a long time working with your director and other actors. Don’t be a grump! Always look on the bright side, and you are sure to get more roles in all of your Acting Classes near Overland Park and Kansas City.


Katie is the type of actor who always puts in the extra effort. She goes to work as soon as she gets her lines in one of our Summer Camps near Overland Park and Kansas City. She will run her lines over and over until she has them perfect. Only when an actor is off-book can they truly start rehearsing a scene properly with their fellow performers.

Effort is so important when you are a performer. You need always to go above and beyond when working on your role. The theater is an art form that is never 100% complete. A play is never really “done.” Actors, directors, technicians all work and work to get the play as good as they can, then it’s time for opening night. In the theater, there is an old saying that “A play is never perfect. You try to make it perfect, then you run out of time, and it’s opening night.” Whenever she has been in our Acting Classes near Overland Park and Kansas City, Katie has always put in a lot of effort to make her role great.


Performers need to be consistent. You have to practice your lines over and over and over again. Same for running your play. It is not uncommon for actors to practice their play dozens to hundreds of times before showing it to an audience.

When you work that hard on something, you need to be consistent. Every time you run a play, give it your best. Try to remember how you played your role the last time you ran the play so you can be consistent this time. When you are consistent as an actor, that helps other performers in the play with you.

Katie was always consistent with her roles in our Summer Camps near Overland Park and Kansas City. Every time she ran the play, she consistently remembered her blocking and stage directions. That made it much easier for her fellow performers.

Come to our Acting Classes near Overland Park, KS if you want to improve as an actor. You will get the chance to show off your dramatic talents. There will be improvisation classes where you can bring the funny. There are acting classes where are you perform plays. You will grow as a performer in our drama classes near you.

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