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The five fun activities your kids can do at our Spring Break Drama Camp!

When you come to our acting classes for kids, they don’t just get to act. We fill the day with many great activities. Their artistic and creative minds will have a blast! We make sure our Overland Park drama classes are non-stop fun and engaging. Here are the five fun things your kids can do at our Spring Break Drama Camp.


The creativity of a child is never-ending. And what better way to celebrate that than through improvisation games? They get to use their imaginations to come up with crazy characters and silly jokes. They will work with others to create fun and original comedy sketches using their active listening skills. The centerpiece of our acting classes for kids has always been improvised drama games. We always let the kids share their dramatic voices.

Arts and crafts

Acting classes for kids are even more fun when they can create the props and scenery. We work on lots of arts and crafts projects so they can make castles, pirate treasures, magic wands, and more. The only limit to what they create is their imaginations. They even take home their projects to share with friends and family.

Kids can express themselves in new and exciting ways by engaging their artistic creativity through fun graphic design. They get to bring the entire theater experience to life in their words, movements, and art.


Every student in our Spring Break and Summer Drama camps for kids gets to participate in Movie Star Acting. They get to make their costumes, create a character, and work with others to act out their movie. Everybody gets to be whatever character they can imagine and create a story with friends. Everyone sees themselves on TV that day and gets a copy to keep and share.

The Movie Star Acting part of our acting classes for kids lets the performers combine their acting skills with their improvisation abilities. Planning and instant creation are mixed into one crazy moviemaking adventure.

Stand up comedy

Our Overland Park drama camps would not be complete without giving the kids a chance to bring the funny! In “Comedy Store,” everyone can get on stage with a microphone and tell funny jokes and silly riddles. They can even showcase their talents for the entire camp.

Performing in our acting classes for kids combines the talents and ideas they bring from home with our drama instruction. We like celebrating their voices and abilities and giving everyone many chances to shine.

Performing on stage

Our drama camps for kids always end with a big show! Kids get to jump up on stage in costumes (that we provide for no charge!) and act their hearts out for you. No tickets to our shows either. Bring all the friends and family you want.

There is nothing like seeing the smile on your child’s face when they are getting laughs and applause on the stage.

Our Spring Break and Summer Drama Camps for kids are at 6100 W. 127th street in Overland Park. Spring Break camp runs Monday-Friday, March 13-17. Regular class times are 10am-4:30pm. $295 for the one-week camp.

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