Drama has always been your thing. You just love getting on stage and creating a character. When the school play comes up, you are always the first person to audition. You show up to rehearsals early and just can’t wait to jump into the spotlight.

It sounds like you want to be a performer. Good for you! If acting is who you are, you need to follow that passion, but you can’t do it alone. You need training. Here are the four acting classes that every beginning performer should take.

  1. Improvisation

Improvisation is the cornerstone of acting. Improvisation is the art of creating characters and stories with no rehearsal. When you take an improvisation class, you are going to work on active listening skills. You will do exercises where you have to lock into your partner and focus on everything they are saying.

There is an old saying:” Acting is not acting. It is reacting.” Good actors should listen more than they talk. You need to be very present in the moment with your scene partner, actively listening to everything they say. Improvisation classes will train you in this discipline.

You will also get an opportunity to create lots of funny and unique characters. Improvisation classes often have lots of games and exercises where you create characters on the spot. If being funny and getting attention is your thing, then you need to sign up for an improvisation class right away.

  1. Acting

This class goes without saying; you need to enroll in acting classes to study the craft of acting. Acting is an art like any other. If you want to be a painter, you need to study brushstrokes and colors. If you’re a sculptor, you need to know how to chisel marble. The exact same discipline goes for acting. You need to learn the craft of acting from a qualified instructor.

Acting classes will see you doing detailed scene work. You will work on scenes where you are creating a character and developing them through a story. You will have to inhabit everything about this character. How does the character move? How does this character talk? How do they dress? How does this character interact with others?

Your goal in acting classes is to make bold choices and work with a director towards making a scene come alive. You will work on both dramatic and comedic scenes in acting classes, as well as monologue work. Getting involved in acting classes as soon as possible gets you a head start towards your life in the theater.

  1. Voice-over

One of the classes you should take as you’re starting your acting career is voice-over classes. Voice-overs include commercials, training films, podcasts, and so much more. There are many actors who make their living in the voice-over world. You should get trained in voice-over to learn all of the techniques.

Some people think they can’t do voice-overs unless they have that “announcer voice.” The idea of the typical voice-over announcer is a very deep baritone voice that rings of authority. This is not the case for all voice-overs. Between books on tape, video games, and a variety of commercials, the voice-over market is wide open when it comes to different types of voices. No matter what type of voice you have right now, when you get trained in professional voice-over classes, you can develop your technique to land voice-over jobs. This can end up being very lucrative for you in your professional acting career.

  1. Dance

It might seem like an odd choice if you want to be a professional actor to take a dance class. Dance classes can be very beneficial to performers. Dance is not only good for learning how to move rhythmically to music. Dance is also excellent for an actor to gain control and awareness of their physical being.

As an actor, your voice, your imagination, and your body are your tools. Dance is another aspect of training where you can develop those tools. The techniques you will learn through dance classes can help you greatly in your acting career. Any type of dance class should be fine for beginners. You don’t necessarily have to do ballet or tap classes, but you can if you wish. A modern or hip-hop dance class is a great way to start.

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