You are a natural-born performer. You know that you belong on the stage. Nothing gives you more excitement than standing under the spotlight, letting your talent shine in the world.

Even though you are still in school, you know that you want to be a professional performer someday. But you are not sure what those first acting jobs will be?

Check out our latest video, “The Four Types of Beginning Acting Jobs.” These are the types of jobs you typically start within your acting career.

You could be a background actor. These are commonly crowd scenes in movies and television shows. Background acting is relatively easy, though the hours can be very long. It is not uncommon for background actors to work ten or even twelve-hour days. Background actors also need energy and stamina. Sometimes as a background actor, you’ll be asked to play out the same scene 50 to 100 times in a row. If your action is “eating a cupcake while crossing the street,” there is a good chance you might eat a lot of cupcakes that day!

You could be a costumed character. Examples might be playing the Easter Bunny, dressing up as a pirate or a princess for a kids birthday party, or being a mascot for a sporting event. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to use your creativity and physical acting skills to play all sorts of different characters. Some actors might scoff at the idea of dressing up as a costumed character, assuming that this isn’t “real acting”. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to be a professional actor, you need to adapt to any situation. If somebody is offering you money to dress up like a taco and entertain a crowd, then you should say, “bring on the salsa!.”

There are instructional videos, many of which are “how-to” explainers. Many small businesses, charities, and schools use these types of videos to add value to their brand. As an actor, you might be asked to play a character or to be a spokesperson. These sorts of videos are widespread in the business and often pay very well.

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