What fills our drama classes for kids in Kansas City? Performers shining on the stage!

In writing every part around every student, we can tailor each role to that student’s personality and reading level. We want to help each child in a way that connects them, regardless of age or skill level. We hope to inspire them to love acting, improvisation, and theater.

Whether it is one of our acting classes, Spring Break camps, or Summer Drama Camps in Kansas City, our focus is always on making their drama education fun and accessible. Our students are always on their feet, playing games and practicing shows. They don’t sit around listening to lectures. They are actively engaged in learning the craft of acting.

In our drama games, students must utilize quick-thinking skills to create crazy characters and funny scenes. We challenge them to get off their phones and interact with others. They must listen to their partners to come up with the next idea or joke. They have to use team-building skills to solve problems. All together, at every one of our drama classes near Kansas City, our students combine their talents to produce stories as a whole for an audience.

They create through improvisation games and work together to make elaborate arts and crafts projects. All of our acting classes near Overland Park see kids building and creating—they design props and scenery to dress the stage for their audience. In one session, they might be making castles, dragons, magic wands, and the cave of an evil Troll. In another session, they create pirate ships, bags of treasure, sea serpents, and piles of lost gold. There is no limit to what they make with their arts and crafts productions.

The creativity continues with movie-making. All the campers in our Spring Break and Summer Drama camps for kids participate in what we call “Movie Star Acting.” They begin with costume creations, making outfits from scratch. Then, they work in a group to create characters and stories. Finally, they put those ideas on their feet, acting in a real movie! They all get to watch their masterpiece that day and get a copy to keep.

When you enroll your child in a drama class or one of our acting classes near Kansas City, you will give them the gift of learning how to act and explore their imagination. We aim to help your child improve their self-confidence and self-esteem with classes tailored to meet each student’s needs.

Here is a great example. We have three fantastic performers here in a play about Greek mythology. Hades, the ruler of the Underworld, calls upon her two minions, Spite and Grudge, to plan how to take over the world!

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