So your child loves, loves, loves acting. They have been putting on shows in your living room since they were little. In elementary school they were in every school play. They watch their favorite TV shows and say “someday that will be me!”. But does anybody make money in acting? Yes they do, and we are not just the well-known movie stars. If your child wants to pursue acting as their career it can happen. Here are the three things every actor starting out need to remember:

*Don’t try to make money now

When they are starting out in the acting world their focus should be on getting better at their craft, not getting professional acting work. Don’t try to rush into a career right away. Remember, no medical student starts operating on patients on their first day of medical school. In the same way no actor gets the lead in a Hollywood movie on their first audition. Learning a skill takes time.

*Learn, learn, learn

They should spend their time and energy taking acting classes. Hire a private acting coach to help them work on monologues for auditions. In school take any class that is related to drama, such as speech and debate. But don’t spend all the time in classrooms. Have them get as much stage time as possible. They should be trying out for plays, both in school and out in the community, as much as possible. Being in front of an audience will teach them how to be an actor.

*Give away your time and talent

In almost every community there are local film makers and drama groups looking for talent. And 99% of the time they have no money! But what they can offer is experience. Reach out to any and all of them and volunteer to be one of their performers. Facebook is a great resource for this. Search Facebook Groups as well as Events for keywords such as: acting, drama, film, performer, ect… You will find lots of others who have a passion for the performing arts. Connect with them, offer to be a background extra in their movie. You never know, that teenager making a movie on her phone and needs extras could grow up to be Hollywood’s next A-list director! All you have to lose is time. What you gain is experience and connections. Sooner or later, one of those directors will hire you.

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