Are you trying out for a play from home? Here are a few tips to make you feel more at ease and make your virtual audition look better.

Neutral backgrounds

One of the best tips is to have a solid, neutral backdrop (blue and gray are common). You want to both minimize visual distractions and highlight what’s most important: the actor’s performance.


Turn off your air conditioner or furnace. Put pets in another room. Turn off TVs and cell phones. They only want to hear you.


Good lighting is important to look professional on camera. Don’t sit with a window at your back. Don’t have one bright overhead light (which creates harsh shadows). Natural light from a window is the most effective, economical way to create even light.

Know Your Lines

Performers should always memorize their lines before any virtual audition. They want to see you be alive as the character. If they watch you always looking down at a script they lose seeing your performance.

Be Ready to Go

Ten minutes before the audition be ready to go. Restart your computer 20 minutes before the meeting, as technical glitches are often prevented with a reboot. Test your audio and video. Then relax and have fun!

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